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"We had Dr. McDavid do Feng Shui for our house three years ago and our money and health have improved. We are very impressed with her consultation and have her back periodically to check everything. She also did our business site and we have had good flow of sales since that time."
-Mr. & Mrs. S.A. Williams, San Antonio, TX

"We are climbing steadily out of debt and money is flowing very well. My husband has had steady raises and promotions in his work and so have I. Our whole life and family is more harmonious since applying Feng Shui principles."
-Mrs. R.K. Bair, Boerne, TX

"We were concerned that our daughter was having trouble meeting young men her age and during the consultation with Dr. McDavid, we mentioned this and she told us what to do to hasten that process. Within a week, our daughter had met a young man and started dating. We were very happy . She also told us how to correct a difficult star combination in our master bedroom which has helped our relationship. We were shown how to set a good place for our grandson's desk for study and that has helped him. Thanks!"
-Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Burns, Houston, TX

"We had tried for two years to have a baby but with no success. Joyce McDavid showed us where to sleep and within two months, we were expecting our first baby. Hooray for Feng Shui and grateful thanks to our consultant."
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith, Sacramento, CA.

"I have a restaurant that specializes in Chinese Food. By changing the direction that people entered the restaurant, we improved our restaurant business so much that we were able to avoid bankruptcy. Thanks Dr. McDavid for your help with Feng Shui principles."
-Thomas Wang

A Few of the Famous Businesses and Personages that use Feng Shui:

 Panda Express
 Donald Trump Enterprises
 Shell Oil Co.
 Coca Cola

 Proctor and Gamble

 Oprah Winfrey
 Tiger Woods
 Steven Spielberg
 And many others throughout the World

You can use the same Feng Shui principles that these personages and companies have used to increase their profits, create harmony in their offices, and to add value to their services.