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Master Joseph Yu and the Feng Shui Research Center

Master Yu was born in rural China and received little formal education until he moved to Hong Kong at age 11. He lived in the countryside and developed a fondness for the land which helped to form a perfect background for the work he did later on with form school Feng Shui.

After moving to Hong Kong, he received formal education and finally a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Hong Kong. He taught science and mathematics and wrote several textbooks on these subjects. He knew about Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology and was a complete skeptic concerning these things, considering them to be superstitious. He started doing research on them to disprove their validity. No one was more surprised than he when he discovered the rich heritage of Chinese Metaphysics. He started studying deeply and was soon to find a Master of Feng Shui who taught him his first lessons in the subject. This old master lived near to him and he sat in on a number of sessions with his students. He was found to have a deep understanding of the principles involved but hesitated to commit himself to this master until he had done deeper studies on his own. He was able to locate ancient texts and using his native intelligence, sorted out the good from the bad, the right from the wrong. He practiced Feng Shui in Hong Kong before moving to Canada and founded his school, Feng Shui Research Center in 1998. He now has hundreds of students from all over the world who benefit from his knowledge. If you will click on the video button, you will hear about his school in his own words.

He has also graciously agreed to allow me to share this little e-book with you. It represents only a small bit of his knowledge and has a little surprise at the end.

E-book tab

Here is a picture of us together when I received my latest Certification of Attendance when I took the class on Xuan Kong Da Gua, which is concerned with placement of water and date selection.