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Dr. McDavid received her Master of Reiki certificate in 1999 and worked 1 years at St. John's Hospital in Oxnard, California. The patients were undergoing cancer treatments with oncologists and were also having alternative treatments at the Cancer Center in the hospital. Caregivers were also given treatments. The response of the patients and caregivers to the Reiki treatments was so enthusiastic that the doctors increased the numbers of days and practitioners that were available due to the heavy demand. Some of the patients, once healed, became Reiki Practitioners themselves. One said "Even if the doctor could not figure out why I healed so quickly, I knew. I wanted to take the training so that I could pay back by helping others". There were even a few doctors and nurses who came in for treatments.

She has also trained in the Japanese system of Reiki, which differs slightly from the Western version. Her system of teaching combines the two in a powerful and effective healing modality.

Reiki training is available to those who would like to have it. Reiki can be used on friends, family, and even one's self. The first degree of Reiki is very inexpensive and will give one the possibility to do a lot of healing work. To complete the healing modality, the second degree of Reiki is very important. The third degree is only for those who would like to teach Reiki to others. Classes are given in small groups and ample time is given to practice.

In addition to Reiki training, she has trained with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies under the direction of Michael Harner. After taking the basic training course, she did the two-week intensive and eventually the three-year training. Dr. Harner trained with shamans all over the world and came up with his own unique system of training. He has incorporated aspects of shamanism that are universal and not particularly those used by any one tradition.

One of the most effective shamanic tools is Extraction whereby the shaman removes material from the subtle body of the patient. Using drumming and singing, the shaman moves into a state of non-ordinary reality and is able to see and remove certain detritus that should not be in the body. Sometimes it is causing a sickness and other times, it is growing so that sickness will surely be in the person's future. In either case, the shaman works to remove it and makes healing possible. This is the specialty offered by Dr. McDavid.

For further information concerning healing or training, please email: info@noblestarfengshui.com