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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to become wealthy using Feng Shui?

In our school, we often speak of Heaven, Earth, and Man Luck. Heaven luck is a huge bag of negative and positive ingredients we bring with us when we are born. If we are to have a lot of wealth in this life, we have to have a pretty good "bank account" from the past when we reincarnate. We can improve our circumstances by having "enough" rather than by having millions or billions of dollars. Only if our astrology indicates wealth and our karma brings it to us, can we be very rich. On the other hand, if we have been generous in the past and accumulated good merit, then we can become very wealthy. Feng Shui practices can produce that possibility.

Can we improve our personal relationships with Feng Shui?

We use a variety of tools to help when relationships are suffering. One important thing for certain is to be sure your bed is in the right position to promote good relations. Bedrooms can be particularly difficult because architects do not always allow for solid walls with good star elements for the occupants. Therefore, there is not a good place to site a bed. There are often windows and doors in just the wrong position. Your bed should be well supported with a solid wall, preferably an exterior wall. Windows and doors should be closed and draped at night. These are just basic beginnings. A good consultation will give you more information based on your year of birth. These things are as important for your health as for your relationships.

What can I do to improve the Feng Shui in my house now?

De- clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter!!! We tend to accumulate more and more "things" when we live in a house for a long time. Qi must have paths in your house to travel, especially the "water" stars which bring wealth to your house. This also goes for your yard. Good landscaping, carefully tended, a good Ming Tang, or large open space in front of your house so that the Qi can enter. All of these things help the energy to flow to your house. An open floor plan is very good. The active areas should be in the front (yang) area of the house and the bedrooms and quiet areas in the back (yin) area. Open your windows and doors and air out the house. This allows water stars to enter the house. Keep your front porch and Ming Tang swept and free of debris and leaves so to allow the Qi to accumulate. Humans carry Qi with them as they enter the house. Find out where your good water stars are and enter through a door in that area. Thus, you will bring the good energy into the house as you walk through it.

Are there any special tricks I can use to help my house?

There are a couple of "Magic Bullets" that you can use to help the energy of the house. One is a really good chiming clock. The sound of metal generated by the clock (or even a golden CD playing piano music) soothes and transforms the sickness energy of some earth stars. After a few nights, you won't hear the clock chiming. I prefer the clock chiming every quarter hour but, at least, once an hour is fine. Make sure to place it so that you can hear it from every room. Another transforming object is the golden gourd (calabash) called a wulu in China. It is best if it is a natural gourd shaped like a woman. You can find pictures on the internet or on Master Joseph Yu's website, www.astro-fengshui.com. You cut a hole in the top and remove some of the seeds. I put one in every room of my house so that wherever the sickness stars are located, we are protected. If the natural color is not nice, you can spray paint them gold.

Can Mirrors be used to help protect the house?

There are a lot of school that teach the idea that you can place a protective Ba Gua mirror over your front door or in the path of a sharp object pointing at your house to protect it but it has been found to be a superstition. However, if it makes you feel better, then use it. It can't harm you. On the other hand, a mirror in your foyer reflecting your front door can be good or bad, depending on what star is coming in your front door. Mirrors will reflect Qi and intensify it. For this reason, you should not have a mirror facing your bed when you sleep. However, you can cover it at night if space is a problem in a small bedroom. You want your sleeping space to be yin at night so that you have a restful sleep. The same thing applies to televisions in the bedroom. They have a reflective surface and act like a mirror. Keep a nice shawl and throw it over the television set at night before you go to sleep. If you think about it, you will see that even having a television set in the bedroom is not very yin!!! We benefit by doing something quiet just before we go to sleep.

Does Feng Shui come from a Chinese religion?

Although some religious figures may have used Feng Shui practices in their religion, strictly speaking it is not religious. Master Joseph Yu has said "Feng Shui is an unconventional science that has theoretical results supported by unverified statistical data." Like most alternative metaphysical practices, most of the results are anecdotal. Sometimes, in the past it was very simple people who discovered certain principles as they went about their daily business. There are many legends concerning its origins but there is some evidence that it dates back at least 5,000 years.

The exciting new world of Quantum Physics seems to be bringing together physics and metaphysics, so in the future, it is possible that we will be able to understand more the principles involved in the energies of Feng Shui. Now those of us who practice it can only rely on the experiences of ourselves and that of clients.

My priest says that Feng Shui is one of the Dark Arts practiced by occultists. Is this true?

This is always the burning question among Christian people. But let me reassure you that anything that helps people to be happier, healthier, and wealthier cannot be evil. The intention of every Feng Shui practitioner I have met is to help others to have a better life. They certainly are some of the better people I have met in this life. One must not assume that just because one cannot see the Qi involved in Chinese arts, that it is evil. We cannot see God..or Jesus..or Mary..or the angels but we do not think they are evil. If God made everything, then he also made the energy called Qi. One author a long time ago when asked what is Qi answered, "It is the radiating energy of the Universal Life Force (her word for God!)". How can that be bad?