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Dr. McDavid will come to your home or business and first, take a magnetic compass reading of your property. Then, you provide her with a floor plan of your home or business and tell her the exact date when the construction was finished and the occupants first moved in. Be able to tell her if serious renovation was done to the building at any time in its history. This is part of knowing the history of your site. Many things can affect the energies present in your home or business. A Ba Gua chart (sort of like a pie map) will be done for your home showing what elements are present in the various sectors of your property. The forms around your property and the streets leading to it are also important and will be carefully considered as well. The landscape around your house also affects the energies of your building. How the water flows on your street can affect your wealth. Where you place fountains, desks, and beds can affect harmony, health, and wealth. She will guide you in the placements of all these things so that you may establish harmony, health, wealth, and beauty in your home or business. She can also help you if you want to have a baby, have a new romance, or build up your business.

As you can see already, this is quite different than the popularized form of Feng Shui most people are familiar with today, Black Hat Feng Shui which divides the house into 8 wedges, with everyone's front door facing North (does your house face North?!?),and calls each sector either health, career, wealth, and so on. This is roughly based on a simple system taught to the masses of people in China many years ago and was called 8-House Feng Shui. There is a secret and higher method of Feng Shui used by the old Taoist Masters in China called Xuan Kong Feng Shui. Xuan Kong means simply Flying Stars. Each element used in Chinese metaphysics is called a Star and has a number, color, and form attached to it. When these are placed on the chart of your building, we can see what elements are present in it and how they can be enhanced or cured. In the diagrams below, you will see the difference in the two systems. The elements are represented by numbers which are called stars.

This is the tool we use to get a magnetic compass reading of a property. It also gives us a lot of other useful information.

Black Hat System of Charting Xuan Kong System of Charting

Dr. McDavid will give suggestions for changes for your building and have one follow-up visit when she will provide you with a written report of the consultation. She will be available for three months without additional charge if you have further questions or problems. You should be able to instrument changes after the first visit and immediately sense differences in the way the building feels. The written report will serve as a reminder of the changes suggested. It is very important to follow these suggestions so that you can achieve the results you desire for your home or business.

Yearly Update

The stars are constantly changing each day, month, and year and it is important to know their movement and how they affect your property. This is especially true for the yearly cycle. A Star can "fly" into your property in February at the Chinese New Year and cause you some problems for the following year.

The basis of Feng Shui is in the metaphysics of the I Ching, which English speakers call the Book of Changes. The I Ching states that nothing remains static..it is always changing. You can see why practitioners of Flying Star believe that the Black Hat system cannot work..it is a static system

For each consultation I include one free update for the New Year following the date of your consultation.

Price for Consultations

Each consultation is different so it is impossible for me to set a fixed fee. The prices vary from $799.00 to $4,999.00, depending on the square feet of your home or business and the size of your property. The yearly update is $79.99. I also can do Feng Shui parties where one person will host a party and invite 5 or more unrelated friends. The hosting person will then receive a free consultation.